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Housing benefit and council tax support

Claim council tax support

If you need help paying your council tax you may be able to get council tax support. If you get Universal Credit, this doesn't cover council tax so you'll need to make a separate claim for support below.

Who can claim council tax support

To claim council tax support, you must:

  • have a low income or be entitled to a benefit paid by the Department for Work and Pensions or the Pension Service 
  • live at the property
  • pay council tax

As you go through the claim form, we'll tell you what supporting evidence you need to provide and how you can do this. Check which documents we'll accept as proof

Claim council tax support

Some changes were made to council tax support in April 2020 for people of working age. Find out about the council tax support scheme changes.

What happens next

We'll let you know when your claim has been assessed and what the outcome is. You must tell us straight away if there are any changes to your circumstances as this could affect your claim.

You might want to look at our council tax support scheme policy document.