Post-strike bin collection questions

Find answers to questions you might have now the bin strike has been resolved.

General questions

When will bin collections return to normal?

We aim to complete all scheduled collections now, including black bins, red and blue bins, green bins and food bins.

When can I start checking my waste collection dates online again?

You can check your bin collection dates now.

When can I start reporting missed bin collections again?

You can report a missed bin online. Leave it out if you can and we'll get to it as soon as possible.

Is there a guide to remind me which bin to put my waste in?

Yes, you can check what waste goes where online.

I have a lot of extra waste and recycling that won’t fit in my bins, what should I do with it? 

We understand some of you will have stored your recycling over the strike, or might have extra black bin waste that won’t fit.

Canenco will be picking up extra recycling and black bag waste (on your relevant collection week) that is not in your bin during the two week recovery period. This does not apply to garden waste.

Your extra recycling must be put in a clear bag or box, or in a cardboard box. We won't take it if it's in black sacks.

Recycling questions

Are my recycling collections starting again and when will my first collection be? Will they be on the same day as they were before the strike?

All collections will be on the same day as before the strike. The aim is to complete all scheduled services each day - black bins, recycling bins, garden bins and food bins.

Can I carry on putting recycling in my black bin?

We would urge you to put your recycling in your red and blue bins and boxes again as we get back to normal.

Can I put general waste from my black bin in my red and blue recycling bins?

No. This would contaminate them and means the items won't be recycled.

Food waste questions

Can I carry on putting food waste in my black bin?

No. Please start putting your food waste in your food caddy again to be collected every week.

Garden waste questions

Will side waste be accepted for green bins?


Will I get a refund for my missed garden waste collections?

No, we do not offer refunds. We can confirm the previously announced arrangement for green bin collections to be extended into March 2024 for existing subscribers still stands.

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