Vandalism and graffiti

Graffiti removal

We can remove graffiti from private property free of charge for the first two hours labour or up to a maximum area of 5 m2.

After this, there will be a charge if you'd like us to carry out the work.

Apply for graffiti removal from private property

If the graffiti is on council owned property, for example a play area, road name sign or public toilet, please call Serco on 0800 031 9091.

We cannot remove graffiti from locations such as post boxes or bins that do not belong to us. To report graffiti in this case, please call the relevant number below:

Location of graffiti Company Phone number
Post boxes Royal Mail 0845 7740 740
BT phone boxes British Telecom 0800 661 610
Railway land or bridges Network Rail 0845 7114 141
Electricity substations EDF Energy 0207 2429 050
Underpasses, bridges, street lighting, illuminated bollards and traffic signs Kent County Council (Highways) 0845 8247 800

Report graffiti in progress

If you see or are aware of somebody spray-painting graffiti, you should report it to the police on 01227 762 055. You can also report problems to Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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