Red handled recycling insert

What goes in?

You can recycle paper and card in your red handled insert, red box or red lidded wheelie bin.

Cut up your cardboard - If you have large amounts of paper and card bundle them up next to your bin or box in pieces no larger than 60cm square (about the length of your arm). Make sure they are secure so they don’t blow away.

If you need to, you can upgrade to a red lidded wheelie bin by calling Serco on 0800 031 9091.

Yes, put it in!No, leave it out
  • Cardboard and mixed paper
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Junk mail, directories and catalogues
  • Envelopes, cereal boxes and paper bags
  • Clean food boxes and ready meal sleeves
  • Hardback books
  • Greeting cards with metallic or shiny finishes
  • Wrapping paper with metallic or shiny finishes
Cardboard Corrugated card Mixed paper Newspapers and card Telephone directories

On your collection day, please make sure that your bin is out for collection by 7am.

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