Arranging a burial or cremation

Burials and graves

There are full memorial, garden and lawn style graves available.

  • New and existing adult size dug to the deepest available depth
  • Half size dug to single depth for babies and infants
  • Half size for cremated remains dug to double depth to accommodate up to six sets of cremated remains as a family plot

Chapels, including a music system, are available as required and facilities are available for all faiths. 

The exclusive rights to the graves listed above may be purchased for a 50 year period and are renewable.

Plots for cremated remains in Gardens of Remembrance dug to double depth, the second space may be reserved purchased for 20 year periods. 

Green burials

Green burials are designed to lay to rest someone in an ecologically friendly way using only biodegradable materials made of natural fibres.

Your funeral director can arrange a plot or you can contact us by calling 01227 862 490.

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