Duty holders, and that includes employers, managers, supervisors and employees have a responsibility to cut the likelihood of accidents in workplaces to an absolute minimum and so reduce the suffering and financial burden that injury can bring about.

There is always the possibility of something unexpected occurring at work that results, or could result in injury. Accidents of this nature do not only happen to employees, but to visitors, customers and clients who visit places of work.

Most accidents could be avoided

Here are some important points for everyone concerned. Observing these may help prevent someone getting hurt.

  1. If you see anything at a workplace that might result in injury, tell someone in charge so that it can be put right.

  2. If you see someone working in a way that might injure themselves or someone else report it, but without putting yourself at risk.

  3. If you have been involved in an accident at a workplace, or even a near miss, tell the person in charge so that it can be recorded, investigated and, if necessary, reported.

  4. If you are responsible for a place of work, don't wait for someone to tell you about hazards that you should have already dealt with and certainly, don't put off doing something just because "an accident has never happened".

  5. If you are at work always be aware of things that could result in injury and if you can put it right, do so straight away. If not, tell a supervisor and expect things to be put right.

Reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR)

Persons in control of workplaces have a duty to notify certain accidents and dangerous occurrences to the to Incident Contact Centre (ICC). If you run or manage a business and need more information as to what incidents must be reported, contact us and we can supply you with a booklet that includes the necessary report form.

Accidents to customers or clients

If you visit a workplace as a customer or client and have an accident that results in you going directly for treatment (e.g. hospital or treatment centre), then the incident must be reported to the Incident Contact Centre (ICC) by the person running the business. 

All fatal workplace accidents must be reported.

How to report an accident

Duty holders can report incidents to the ICC by one of the following methods:

  • Phone:  0845 300 9923 (Monday - Friday 08.00 to 17.30)
  • Fax:  0845 300 9924
  • Online:
  • email:
  • Post: Incident contact Centre, Caerphilly Business Park, Caerphilly, CF83 3GG
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