Beauty therapy and treatments

We look at a range of premises offering therapies and beauty treatments where there are particular concerns about client health.

People who offer beauty treatments and therapies have a duty not only to themselves and their employees, but especially to their clients. If poorly controlled, there is not only a safety risk, but a risk to the clients health. This risk becomes greater where the treatment pierces the clients skin as in tattooing, electrolysis and so on. It is for this reason that current legislation requires that persons carrying out such work register with the local authority where they are operating. They are required to register themselves and the premises where they carry out the work. This means that where a person has more than one premises, each must be registered whether they are in the same or in different Local Authority districts. All Kent Councils operate a registration scheme.

It is illegal to carry out tattoos on any person under the age of 18yrs (excluding temporary tattoos). If you have any concerns you should contact your local police office.

There are, however, no age restrictions for cosmetic piercing except those agreed by individual businesses with their insurers. An exception would be an 'intimate' piercing on a child (under 16 yrs of age) that could be regarded as sexual assault. Again you should refer any such incident to the police.

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