Health and safety visits

Officers make visits to workplaces in the district to assess standards of safety and health protection of the workforce. In places visited by members of the public such as shops, banks, and leisure facilities their protection is also examined. Premises are selected for inspection on the basis of hazards connected with the workplace and the level of risk control - this means that workplaces thought to be more hazardous will be visited more often.

The team is now working more closely in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive so that together we target our work most effectively.

Being aware of health and safety in the workplace helps provide a safe working environment for customers and workers, and provides protection from avoidable litigation for businesses. 

Officers make visits to premises based on the perceived level of hazards, meaning that the more hazardous the environment, the more often it will be visited. Not all work premises are covered by the council - some are the responsibility of the Health and Safety Executive. We are responsible for dealing with:

  • Offices (not government or council)
  • Zoos
  • Shops
  • Riding schools
  • Hotels and holiday accommodation
  • Cinemas and theatres (not the Marlowe)
  • Churches and church halls
  • Care homes (not nursing care)
  • Leisure and sports
  • Warehouses
  • Consumer services such as hairdressers, nail bars, launderettes.

All other workplaces are covered by the Health and Safety Executive

We have in place a Service Plan of how they will execute their health and safety functions in line with the requirements of the National Local Authority Enforcement Code.

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