Premises and personal licences

Who needs a premises licence?

You will need a premises license if your business does any of the following:

  1. Performance of a play
  2. Film events
  3. Indoor sporting events
  4. Boxing or wrestling entertainment
  5. Live music
  6. Recorded music
  7. Performance of dance
  8. Provides hot food or hot drinks after 11pm and before 5am
  9. Supplies alcohol 

If any of the activities listed above are held without a licence then you may be liable to a fine on prosecution of £20,000, six months imprisonment or both.

If you sell alcohol you will also need a personal license (see below) for your 'designated premises supervisor' (the person responsible for the sale of alcohol). 

How do I get a premises licence?

To get a premises licence you will need to use the application forms on the GOV.UK website.

The fees will range from £100 to £635 and this will depend on the rateable value of your business, which you can check through the Valuation Office Agency. There is also a renewal fee each year. 

A premises license is valid for as long as the business lasts or until it is revoked or surrendered. 

Who needs a personal licence?

If you wish to sell alcohol you will need to get a personal licence. This licence authorises the sale of alcohol and if you are to be appointed as the designated premises supervisor for a business then you'll need the personal licence before any sales are made. 

You will also need a licensing qualification which can be gained from any of the following:

You can find more information about these qualifications on the websites of the providers. 

How do I get a personal licence?

You will need to complete both of the following forms:

The application fee is £37.

The government has extended all personal licences indefinitely, they no longer expire after ten years (unless revoked).

If your card has been issued by us and you wish to replace it, change the address, or remove the expiry date please contact

Please note there is a fee of £10.50 for issuing a new card. 


You have 28 days to appeal once an application for a premises licence has been made. 

If a representation or appeal is made by someone who lives or works near the business then it must be heard by a committee of elected councillors. 

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