COVID-19 business support grants

Additional Restrictions Grants

Last updated: 25 February at 15:43

Grants closed

The additional restrictions grants are now closed. Final payments to successful businesses will be made by Thursday 31 March 2022.

Important information about the grants

We have been given a total amount of £231,260 to give out and once this money has been allocated there is no more.

Applying for a grant doesn't mean you are guaranteed any money. 

The amount of grant paid if you're successful will be based on:

  • the size of the business
  • the number of employees
  • the percentage drop in income you've experienced and
  • any fixed costs you have. 

The minimum amount of money given to a business will be £500 and the maximum amount is £6,000.

Businesses that are eligible for a grant

To be eligible for a grant your business must meet certain criteria. We will score all applications based on this.

Your business must:

1. Be trading in the Canterbury district. Trading is carrying on a trade or profession or buying and selling goods or services in order to generate turnover, including businesses that:

  • Continue to trade online, via delivery services etc.
  • Are not in liquidation, dissolved, struck off or subject to a striking of notice or under notice
  • Are engaged in business activity - managing accounts, preparing for reopening, planning and implementing COVID-safe measures

2. Have had at least a 50% drop in income because of Omicron or Plan B measures.

3. Not be eligible for an Omicron Hospitality and Leisure grant.

4. Be within the subsidy allowance limits.

Business sectors that are eligible includes but is not limited to:

  • hospitality
  • leisure
  • accommodation
  • personal care including hairdressing and beauty
  • travel 
  • tourism
  • weddings 
  • events
  • nightclubs
  • theatres
  • wholesalers
  • breweries
  • English language schools
  • gyms
  • catteries
  • kennels
  • freelance and mobile businesses 
  • suppliers to the sectors above

Businesses that are not eligible for grants

Businesses that are not eligible include those that:

  • have received funding from the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure grant
  • are long-term empty or undergoing major works 
  • have already received grant payments that equal the maximum permitted subsidy allowances
  • are in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made