Book a sports pitch or court - Thanington recreation ground

Record details

Thanington recreation ground, Thanington Road, Canterbury, CT1 3XB
About the space

Thanington recreation ground has:

  • 3 football pitches
  • 1 mini soccer pitch
  • 2 ball courts
  • a skatepark
  • a children's play area
  • a pavillion

Free parking is available.

How to book

To book a session of football, or to cancel your booking, email or call 01227 819 401.

  • Football playing season runs from 1 September 2018 to 7 April 2019

You don't need to book any of the other activities.


All fees include VAT and must be paid upfront.

Sport Fee
Adult football (16 and over) £81.12 per session
Junior football (16 and under) £30.48 per session
Mini soccer (11 and under) £32.76 per session
9 x 9 £30.48 per session