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City Centre zone, Canterbury
Price for a 12 month permit

The city centre zone covers all of the streets within the city walls. There are a number of on street parking bays provided in the city centre for residents only. Your on-street parking permit enables you to park in these bays, without restrictions.

In order to provide additional parking for residents in the city you may now use your on street permit in the business user bays in Hawks Lane and St Johns Lane car park from 7.00pm to 7.00am, Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

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Please note that all of our permits are now virtual, which means you can start using your permit as soon as it is approved.

Blue badge holders

Please note if you are a valid Blue Badge holder, you do not need a resident on-street parking permit to park for an unlimited time in the on-street parking bays whilst displaying a Blue Badge (no clock required).

Visitor vouchers

Residents may purchase daily visitor vouchers in advance for visitors. You must provide proof of your residency.

Where can you park

Residents living within this zone can purchase permits to park in:

  • Abbots Place
  • All Saints Lane
  • Beer Cart Lane
  • Best Lane
  • Black Griffin Lane
  • Blackfriars Street
  • The Borough
  • Burgate
  • Burgate Lane
  • Butchery Lane
  • Canterbury Lane
  • Castle Row
  • Castle Street
  • Causeway
  • Church Lane (St Mildreds)
  • Church Lane (St Radigunds)
  • Cobden Place
  • Dane John
  • Duck Lane
  • The Friars
  • Gas Passage
  • Gas Street
  • Gravel Walk
  • Guildhall Street
  • Hawks Lane
  • High Street
  • Hospital Lane
  • Iron Bar Lane
  • Jewry Lane
  • King Street
  • Knotts Lane
  • Link Lane
  • Longmarket
  • Marlowe Avenue
  • Mercery Lane (excluding Mercery Court)
  • Mill Lane (St Radigunds)
  • Orange Street
  • Palace Street
  • The Parade
  • Pound Lane
  • The Precincts
  • Rose Lane
  • Rosemary Lane
  • St Alphege Lane
  • St Edmunds Road
  • St Georges Lane
  • St Georges Street
  • St Georges Terrace
  • St Johns Lane
  • St Margarets Street
  • St Marys Street
  • St Peters Grove
  • St Peters Lane
  • St Peters Street
  • St Radigunds Place
  • St Radigunds Street
  • Stour Street
  • Sun Street
  • Tower Way
  • Turnagain Lane
  • Water Lane
  • Watling Street
  • Westgate Hall Road
  • White Horse Lane
  • Worthgate Place