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Where to put your waste - Grass cuttings and hedge clippings

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Grass cuttings and hedge clippings
Which bin should it go in?
Green bin
Buy a new bin

If you don't have one you can buy a garden waste bin online.

Where to take it

Home composting is an environmentally friendly way to deal with some of your food and garden waste. It is easy to do and produces nutrient-rich compost for your flower beds and window boxes. You can find out more information on Recycle Now's website.

Important information

There are special arrangements for the disposal of noxious and invasive weeds. Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed are the most noxious but there are others that mustn’t go in, for example, Common Ragwort, Broadleaved Dock, Curled Leave Dock, Spear and the Spear Thistle.

Soil and rubble can be taken to your local tip (household waste recycling centre). You can also buy compost from the household waste recycling centres.

Find your nearest waste and recycling centre

Visit Kent County Council's website to find your nearest waste and recycling centre.