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Freedom of information requests - PSPOs and CPNs

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FOI reference
Date of response
Our response
Question 1
Have you have introduced any Public Spaces Protection Orders since June 2017? If so, please include the text of these PSPOs. Please state whether you have plans to introduce a PSPO in the near future.
Our response:
Yes, details of PSPOs are available via the council website;
Question 2
a. How many fines and prosecutions issued or undertaken for the offence of violating a PSPO in the year 2018? Please if possible give the offences for which the fines/prosecutions were issued.
b. If you have used dispersal powers contained in a PSPO, please can you also include any statistics on how these powers have been used.
Our response:
No prosecutions have been brought in relation to PSPO's.
Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued for the following breaches of PSPO's:
1 x consuming alcohol in a public place
1 x defacing a surface
2 x dog off lead
6 x swearing or shouting in a public place
12 x urinating in public
We have not utilised any dispersal powers.
Question 3
How many CPNs were issued in November 2016 to October 2017 and November 2017 to October 2018?
Our response:
Nov 2016 to Oct 2017: 7
Nov 2017 to Oct 2018: 15
Question 4
Where possible, please can you provide the text/subject of these CPNs?
Our response:
We are unable to provide this information
Question 5
How many fines were issued by your authority for the offence of littering in the year 2018?
Our response:
Question 6
Do you contract a private company for the issuing of fines for PSPOs or littering. If so, please state the company and the contract arrangements.
Our response:
Question 7
a. How many fines/warnings were issued for fly posting in 2018?
b. Were any of these issued to political/charitable/religious/community groups?
Our response:
a. 10 fines/warning issued for fly posting
b. We do not hold this information