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Find a permit by road name - William Street, Herne Bay

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Herne Bay parking zone
Price for a 12 month permit

This parking permit is not available to house owners who have a second or holiday home in Herne Bay. You must be a permanent resident here.

In Herne Bay, a time limit of four hours applies to non permit holders on the seafront and a one and two hour limit applies in all other areas. All time limits apply between 8.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Saturday.

An on-street parking permit in Herne Bay allows you to park in the marked bays without the time restrictions above except in the one hour bays along the High Street between Richmond Street and Bank Street.

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Please note that all of our permits are now virtual, which means you can start using your permit as soon as it is approved.

Blue badge holders

Please note if you are a valid Blue Badge holder, you do not need a resident on-street parking permit to park for an unlimited time in the on-street parking bays whilst displaying a Blue Badge (no clock required).

Visitor vouchers

Residents may purchase daily visitor vouchers in advance for visitors. You must provide proof of your residency.

Where can you park

Residents living within this zone can purchase permits to park in:

  • Avenue Road
  • Bank Street
  • Beach Street
  • Canterbury Road
  • Cavendish Road
  • Central Parade
  • Chapel Street
  • Charles Street
  • Dolphin Street
  • East Cliff Parade
  • East Street
  • Fenoulhet Way
  • Hanover Street
  • High Street
  • Kings Road
  • Little Charles Street
  • Mortimer Street
  • New Street
  • North Street
  • Park Road
  • Pier Avenue
  • Prospect Hill
  • Queen Street
  • Queens Gardens
  • Richmond Street
  • Sea View Square
  • South Road
  • St Georges Terrace
  • Station Road
  • Telford Street
  • Underdown Road
  • Victoria Park
  • William Street