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Freedom of information requests - Student housing in Canterbury

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Date of reply: 10 May 2016


Houses in the Canterbury which are multiple occupation/student accommodation.


Please can you provide a list of all houses in the city that are houses of multiple occupation/student accommodation?

Our Response:

A register of houses of multiple occupation is available from our website (link below) however this doesn't identify what properties are occupied by students or could otherwise be considered to be student accommodation.


Also Canterbury City Council is currently involved in project to understand the effect of higher and further education on the district and it is likely that student accommodation will be mapped as part of that review, though in doing so we will be mindful of our duties under the Data Protection Act and the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The data is currently exempt from publication under Section 22 and Section 22A of the Freedom of Information Act. This exemption applies when we hold information as part of an ongoing programme where there is an intention to publish a report of the research; and disclosure of the information at this point would be likely to prejudice the findings if read out of context. Section 22 and 22A are both qualified exemptions. This means that we must go on to consider whether the public interest in maintaining the exemption is greater than the public interest in disclosing the information.

We find that the public interest weighs in favour of maintaining the exemption for the following reasons:

  • The harm that might arise from early disclosure. We are in the middle of consultation/workshop events which involve the gathering of research data. Partial release of extracts of data could be taken out of context and affect the outcome of the project. Additional time is necessary to enable proper analysis of all of the findings to ensure that maximum value is achieved from the public investment.
  • The information intended for future publication is part of a wide project scope covering different themes. The findings need to be drawn together to assess the range of impacts across each theme. We anticipate that elements of the research data will be published later this year as part of the report findings.

However, in an effort to help you a table summarising the number or properties and those that have student occupiers, by ward, is attached.

Please also see related FOI request 1821 which can be found below: