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Find a permit by road name - St Dunstan's Street, Canterbury

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St Dunstan's zone, Canterbury
Price for a 12 month permit

On-street parking in this area is restricted and parking bays are marked where waiting is limited to two hours maximum between 8.00am and 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday and a parking permit or pay and display ticket must be displayed. On Sundays and outside these times parking is unrestricted except on yellow lines.

Your on-street parking permit allows you to park in the marked bays without buying a pay and display ticket or time restriction.

There are also a small number of parking bays where waiting is limited to 20 minutes at all times. You cannot use your permit where waiting is limited to 20 minutes.

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Blue badge holders

Please note if you are a valid Blue Badge holder, you do not need a resident on-street parking permit to park for an unlimited time in the on-street parking bays whilst displaying a Blue Badge (no clock required).

Visitor vouchers

Residents may purchase daily visitor vouchers in advance for visitors. You must provide proof of your residency.

Where can you park

Residents living within this zone can purchase permits to park in:

  • Church Street (St Dunstans)
  • Cross Street
  • New Street
  • Orchard Street
  • Roper Road (2 hour P&D bays)
  • St Dunstans Street
  • St Dunstans Terrace
  • Station Road West
  • Westerly Mews
  • Whitehall Road