Invite the Lord Mayor or Sheriff to an event

Invite the Lord Mayor or Sheriff to an event.

Please complete this form as fully as possible and as far in advance of the engagement date as you can.

Press coverage – if required, we would expect this to be arranged by the event organisers.

If you have photos taken at the event with the Lord Mayor/Sheriff in them, then please email a couple of your best photos, which you can give us permission to use for promotional purposes, to

Read guidance on the correct protocol for the Lord Mayor or Sheriff attending an event

This form will ask you to provide

  • What do you want the Lord Mayor/Sheriff to do? Open an event, attend celebration, present prizes and so on.
  • Address/location of event including postcode
  • Location of parking space for the civic car 
  • Who will be meeting the Lord Mayor/Sheriff?
  • If a speech is required, even if only a "thank you", then give details
  • Will refreshments be provided for the driver?
  • Please supply background information about your organisation and the event to help with briefing the Lord Mayor or Sheriff.
  • Please list any other VIP guests attending.