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Apply for a council tax discount for people under 20 and in full-time education

If you are receiving Child Benefit for someone who is:

  • living with you
  • aged over 18; and
  • in full-time education

and you are the only other adult living in the property, you can apply for a 25% discount on your Council Tax.

Find out more about this discount

This form will ask you to provide

  • The name, age and date of birth of the person you receive Child Benefit for.
  • The name of the school or college they go to.
  • The title of the course they are studying.

You must provide one of the following as proof to support your application

  • proof of Child Benefit clearly showing which child it is for and when the Child Benefit stops
  • a letter from the head teacher confirming that the person goes to their school and is on a full-time qualifying course of education - the letter must include the persons name, date of birth, the date they started college or school, the date the course started and the date the course ends; or
  • a student certificate

You can either upload one of these documents to the online form or you can send it to us in the post; but we won't process your application until we have received your proof.

Please have this information ready as pages time-out after 30 minutes.