Apply for extra help with housing

You can use this form to apply for a discretionary housing payment for help with rent in advance and/or a rent deposit.

There are limited funds of DHP available so this type of award will only be made to those most in need.

Find out more about discretionary housing payments

In order to be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment you must be in receipt of Housing Benefit or the Housing costs element of Universal Credit.

This form will ask you to provide

  • Your details including National Insurance number.
  • The address of the property you are intending to move to.
  • The date you intend to move in and the date you viewed the property.
  • Your reason for moving, including how the new property is suitable for you and your family.
  • If your application is supported by the Housing Options department or another agency, the name of the agency and the officer supporting your application.
  • The amount of rent at the new property and how often this is to be paid.
  • How much you need for the rent in advance and/or deposit.
  • If you are applying for help with a rent deposit, how the deposit is going to be protected.
  • The full name of your new landlord or agent. 
  • Details about the new property, including if the property has a current energy performance certificate and gas safety certificate, and how the utility bills are paid for. 
  • Your new landlord's or agent's bank account details (the account name, sort code and account number).
  • Any other proof or evidence you have to support what you are telling us. 

Letter from your new landlord or agent

You will also need to provide a letter from the landlord or agent confirming the property details, the amount of the weekly or monthly rent and the amount of the rent in advance and/or deposit required.

You can upload this letter to this form when you complete it or you can send it later, but we won't process your application until we have received it. 

Please have this information ready as pages time-out after one hour.

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