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Council tax support application for people in receipt of Universal Credit


Please check the box below to indicate your acceptance of the following statements before completing this form:

  • I confirm that I am getting, or I have made an application for Universal Credit. 
  • I confirm the information that I will give is correct and complete as far as I know and believe.
  • I understand that if I knowingly give information or evidence that is incorrect, incomplete or false, I may be liable to prosecution or other action. 
  • I agree that you will use the information I will provide to process my application for Council Tax Support. You may check some of the information I will provide in connection with this and any claim for social security benefits that I have made or may make.
  • You may give some information to other organisations such as government departments, local authorities and private sector companies such as banks and organisations that may lend me money, if the law allows this.
  • I know that I must tell the Benefits Service in writing straight away about any change in my circumstances which might affect my Council Tax Support. 

We will use your email address to send the receipt of your form including your form reference number. This may include personal data. If you choose to have paperless notifications, we will also use this email address to send your benefit notification letters and Council Tax bills.

Declaration *