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Reporting disrepair of a property

If you rent your home from a private landlord and you have asked them, preferably in writing email/letter/text, to repair something at the property but they have not done anything in a reasonable time frame, then you can request us to investigate. 

Please read the following before continuing with this form

  • If you are a East Kent Housing tenant then report to them via their website www.eastkenthousing.org
  • If the property accredited by the Home Stamp Scheme then report to www.homestampkent.co.uk
  • You must have reported your issue to your landlord at least once and given them enough time to resolve the problem. Keep a record of any communication with them. Example email/letter
  • Condensation is a common cause of black mould and moisture in your home. It is often caused by the things we do at home. Please watch this condensation video  to find out what you can do to fix or at least reduce condensation in your home. 
  • Your landlord should give you a Gas Safe certificate yearly. Please visit the HSE website for more information.

By submitting this form you are giving us permission to contact your landlord. This should not deter you if you have a legitimate complaint but please note that sometimes this leads to the landlord serving notice to quit and therefore termination of your tenancy agreement.