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Voluntary agreement on the display of lettings boards

What it means

Local residents have asked us to work with local letting agents and landlords to end the display of ‘to let’, ‘let by’ or any other advertisement boards attached to individual rental properties. This is because residents think they can be an eyesore, make communities feel unsettled and flag up student properties as a target for crime.

If you’re a local letting agent, you can sign up to our voluntary scheme to agree not to display lettings boards attached to, or outside of, rental properties in the city of Canterbury.

This is a two year trial to encourage other ways of promoting properties, such as online. It doesn’t include 'for sale' boards or advertisements not connected to a property, such as posters and billboards.

When you sign up we’ll thank your company by name online and in our residents’ magazine for listening to the concerns of the local community.

Sign up now

Organisations that have already signed up:

  • HN Lettings
  • JG Student Lets
  • Sally Hatcher Estates