Apply to make changes to the garden of your council home

Keeping your garden neat and tidy is part of your tenancy agreement. You must not store furniture or large appliances in the garden, or allow rubbish to build up. 

You must apply for our permission to make any of the following changes in the garden of your council home:

  • putting up a greenhouse, garage or shed
  • building a fish pond, swimming pool or water feature. You may have to remove these when you end your tenancy at your own expense (we will charge you if we have to do it)
  • building a patio
  • removing, altering or replacing any fences

Apply to make changes in the garden of your council home

Doing work to trees

Do not plant large types of tree in your garden, for example, leylandii, conifers, willow or oak. Their roots can damage the structure of your home.

There are special laws and regulations to protect trees, known as Tree Preservation Orders.

If you want to work on a tree in your garden, or if you want to stop someone else cutting down a tree, you should check guidance on doing work to a tree first

If you're struggling to manage your garden

You can contact us to find out if there is help available for you to maintain your garden. If you want to move to a home without a garden, we can also help with this.