Asbestos safety in council homes

It's usually safer to not disturb materials that have asbestos if they are in in good condition and unlikely to be damaged.

When asbestos materials age or become damaged they can release fibres into the air.

These can be breathed deep into the lungs where they may stay for a long time, causing possible damage. When enough of these fibres are breathed in, particularly over an extended period of time, there is a risk of lung diseases, including cancer.

There are usually low levels of asbestos in most older buildings because of the way they used to be built, but the levels are very unlikely to cause any harm.

If you are planning improvements to your home

If you want to carry out DIY or home improvements and think there may be asbestos in your property, you should contact us for advice before starting any work.

If you think you have damaged materials containing asbestos at any point while doing work, you must stop straight away and let us know.

We will arrange for any damaged asbestos materials to be checked and removed by professionals if they need to be. All work will follow strict regulations and the people removing it will have suitable training and equipment. You must never try and remove materials yourself.