Gas, fire and electrical safety in council homes

Gas safety

Gas safety checks

We will arrange to check and service all gas appliances in your home once a year.  Our contractor, Gas Call Services, will contact you directly to make an appointment for you. If you miss an appointment, you can email Gas Call or call 0800 012 9958 to rearrange it.

It's very important you allow access to your home for them to carry out their check. If you don't, we may have to force entry. If we do have to do this you will be charged for any damage.

If checks are not carried out, there is a risk of carbon monoxide leaking from a faulty appliance. 

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that cannot be seen, has no smell and is very harmful to people. You might want to get a carbon monoxide alarm for added safety. If you do decide to buy one, make sure it meets current safety standards and carries the kite mark.

General gas safety advice

If you can smell gas, you must call the National Gas emergency helpline straight away on 0800 111 999.

To keep safe, you should:

  • always follow the operating instructions for your gas appliances
  • make sure you know how and where to turn off your gas supply
  • never install a new appliance yourself, this must be done by a gas safe registered engineer - if you want to install a gas fire in your home, you need our permission first
  • never use an appliance if you don't think it's working properly
  • never cover an appliance or block air vents or outside flues

Leaseholder gas safety responsibilities

As a leaseholder it is a condition of your lease that you are responsible for maintaining and servicing any gas appliances. If you don't do these checks you may be in breach of your lease and affect the buildings insurance policy.

All gas appliances must be serviced and safety checked once a year, and within 12 months of the previous safety check, by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

This includes:

  • gas boilers
  • gas cookers
  • gas fires

If you don't do this you could be putting yourself, your family and your neighbours at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion from an undetected gas leak.