Repairs and maintenance in council homes

Who is responsible for the repairs

We deal with a wide range of household repairs, but some may be your responsibility to fix.   

Your repair responsibilities

  • All decorations inside your home - including repairing surface cracks and holes in walls and ceilings
  • Maintaining, and minor repairs to, internal windows and doors 
  • Repairing or replacing locks, latches, keys, handles, bolts and letter boxes, numbers, peep holes, security chains, knockers and bells
  • Repairing and adjusting kitchen units, cupboards, drawers, doors, shelves and worktops
  • Replacing broken tiles
  • Repairing and maintaining meter boxes
  • Pest control
  • Clearing blockages in sinks, toilets, baths and waste pipes, or external gullies (except in shared areas)
  • Replacing washers on dripping taps and broken toilet seats
  • Replacing the chain and plugs on sinks, baths and basins
  • Changing plugs on electrical appliances, replacing fuses and resetting trip switches
  • Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tube and starters
  • Testing and cleaning your smoke alarm and replacing the batteries
  • Repairing footpaths, yards and patios that are not the main access to the front door
  • Repairing or replacing gates and fencing (unless it borders a pavement or public footpath)
  • Replacing clothes posts, pulleys and washing lines (except in designated shared drying areas)
  • Keeping air bricks clear and clean
  • Keeping your garden tidy by cutting the grass and trimming any hedges

Our repair responsibilities

  • Looking after the structure of your property
  • Gas safety - we will carry out an annual safety check and service
  • The outside of your property - including your chimney, roof, drains, gutters, pipes, outside doors and windows
  • Plaster work (unless it's a minor surface crack), internal plumbing, power and lighting, carpentry such as floors and stairs
  • The area around your property - front paths or steps, garages and shared areas like stairwells and entrances
  • If you live in a flat - door entry systems, communal TV and satellite systems, lifts, windows and doors

Leaseholder repairs and maintenance

We are responsible for some repairs in leasehold properties. Others you must make arrangements for yourself. 

Find out which repairs leaseholders are responsible for