Your tenancy agreement

Get a copy of your tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you and us, and is designed to make sure that you and other tenants are good neighbours and take proper care of the homes you rent.

It sets out some rules that you, and those who live in or visit your home, must keep to by law. The tenancy agreement gives you rights as well as responsibilities. It also lists the services you are entitled to in return for the rent you pay.

What we expect from you

As part of the agreement, we expect you to:

  • live at the property as your only or main home
  • pay your rent on time
  • not owe us any rent (called 'rent arrears')
  • tell us if your entitlement to housing benefit or council tax support has ended
  • respect your neighbours and allow them to enjoy their homes in peace and quiet
  • not to take part in any anti-social behaviour, like playing loud music late at night, late night DIY or letting dogs bark for long periods of time
  • let us know if your circumstances change, for example, if your partner comes to live with you or your adult child leaves home
  • not commit fraud - this includes illegal subletting, knowingly making a false statement or withholding information to get a tenancy
  • allow our contractors access to service your gas appliances once a year (this is a requirement by law)
  • let us know if you want to run a business from your home - you must get permission from us to do this, but we may refuse depending on the nature of the business

See the full tenancy agreement