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Apply for social housing

We operate a housing register for people wishing to apply for social housing. We have recently introduced a new policy explaining how we allocate homes and who is eligible for them. Please read our Housing Allocation policy to see if you qualify.  

You may also like to complete our self-assessment tool here - this is intended as a rough guide to give you an idea whether you may qualify to join the register, based on the financial information you supply.

If you would like to apply for housing, you can do so by visiting Kent Homechoice.

There are more people looking for social housing than there are properties available. As a result, you are likely to experience a significant length of time waiting for a home and should look at all of the options available to you.

More information and advice:

Choosing your home

We've changed the way you bid for properties via Kent Homechoice.

If your application for housing is successful, you will automatically become a member of Kent Homechoice and will receive a membership number, by post, which will enable you to login and start bidding.

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