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Local land charges

Request a local land charges search

If you're thinking about buying or leasing a property or a plot of land, we recommend you request a local land charges search first. The search will tell you what you need to be aware of before going ahead. This may include: 

  • restrictions on use or preservation orders
  • planning applications that may affect the property or land
  • whether the property or land has received any grants which could be repayable and
  • road information or potential new road schemes which may influence the decision to buy

Types of search

There are several searches you can request:

  • LLC1 searches includes information on enforcement notices, tree preservation orders, conditional planning permissions and smoke control areas.
  • CON29R searches includes information on planning and building control decisions, nearby road works, and any outstanding notices.
  • CON29 optional questions include information on minerals, hazardous substances, flooding and drainage, common land, towns and village greens.
  • Full standard searches include all the information from LLC1 and CON29.

If what you want to know isn't listed, you can ask additional questions.

Type of search Fee
LLC1  £30
CON29R £132 (incl.VAT)
CON29 optional questions £12 to £18 each depending (incl.VAT)
Full standard search £162 (incl.VAT)
Additional questions £18 each (incl.VAT)
Individual CON29R questions Varies - please check

Request a local land charges search

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