Tributes paid following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Cllr Pat Todd, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, has commented following the sad death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. See our full response

Local Plan evidence base and supporting strategies

The Local Plan and the emerging Local Plan are informed by various studies and strategies covering a wide range of topic areas. If you would like to read the evidence base published to date, please see the links below.



CDLP 4.1 SHLAA Initial Assessment January 2010

CDLP 4.2 SHLAA-Summary of Methodology and Assessment of Sites June 2013

CDLP 4.3 SHLAA-Summary of Methodology and Assessment of Sites May 2014

CDLP 4.4 Canterbury SHLAA Worksheets  2013

CDLP 4.5 Whitstable SHLAA Worksheets 2013

CDLP 4.6 Herne Bay SHLAA Worksheets 2013

CDLP 4.7 Rural north SHLAA Worksheets 2013

CDLP 4.8 Rural South SHLAA Worksheets 2013

CDLP 4.9 SHLAA worksheets and site assessments May 2014

CDLP 4.10 SHLAA Sustainability Appraisal Worksheets Canterbury 2013

CDLP 4.11 SHLAA Sustainability Appraisal Worksheets Whitstable 2013

CDLP 4.12 SHLAA Sustainability Appraisal Worksheets Herne Bay 2013

CDLP 4.13 SHLAA Sustainability Appraisal Worksheets Rural north 2013

CDLP 4.14 SHLAA Sustainability Appraisal Worksheets Rural south 2013

CDLP 4.14.5 SHLAA Sustainability Appraisal new site submissions worksheets 2014

CDLP 4.15 Sustainability Appraisal of SHLAA main report technical note October 2012

CDLP 4.16 SHLAA Proposed Amendments 2015

CDLP 4.17 SHLAA - Review of sites to address 5 year housing land supply

CDLP 4.18 New site submissions 2016

HMO supplementary planning document September 2010

HMO Article 4 Direction background paper 2015


CDLP 7.3 Canterbury District Employment Land Review 2011-2031 March 2013

CDLP 7.4 Canterbury District Employment Land Review 2011-2031 Appendices March 2013

CDLP 7.5 Note to accompany Employment Land review 2013 23 May 2014

CDLP 7.6 Canterbury District Employment Land Review Worksheets CCC March 2012

CDLP 7.7 Whitstable Harbour Strategic Plan

CDLP 7.8 Employment Omission sites June 2016

Retail and Leisure

Local economy and tourism strategy 2008 t0 2012

CDLP 6.1 Canterbury Retail and Leisure Study 2011

CDLP 6.2 Whitstable & Herne Bay Retail Capacity Study 2011

CDLP 6.3 Canterbury Retail and Leisure Study 2015

Sequential Report and Wincheap Capacity Study 

People and Places

Rural settlement hierarchy study of Canterbury District

Natural Environment and Landscapes

DLP 10.11 Appendix 4  CCC SAMM Thanet Coast 2014

CDLP 10.11 Appendix 4 CCC SAMM Thanet Coast 2014

Climate Change

CDLP 14.4 – Shoreline Management Plan 2010


Canterbury VISUM Transport Model

CDLP 8.1 Canterbury Visum Model Draft Option Testing Report Dec 2012

CDLP 8.2 Canterbury Visum Transport Model Local Plan Preferred Option Testing Report Feb 2014

CDLP 8.3 Local Transport Plan for Kent 2011-2016

CDLP 8.4 canterbury bus strategy 2002

CDLP 8.5 canterbury parking strategy 2006-16

CDLP 8.6 Canterbury District Transport Strategy Revised Draft with Addendum Nov 2014

CDLP 8.7 Canterbury VISUM Transportation Local Model Validation Report June2012

CDLP 8.8 Canterbury Visum model options tests 2026 Do Minimum Model Summary Note June 2012

CDLP 8.9 Joint Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council Sturry Link Position 2015

Canterbury Visum Model Update Run March 2016

Herne and Sturry Capacity Study