Benefit overpayments

Other ways to pay

You can repay a housing benefit overpayment in a number of ways: 

Apply to pay by instalments

To apply to pay by instalments you will need your National Insurance number and housing overpayment invoice number. 

Apply to pay by instalments


To make a credit or debit card payment, please call us on 01227 862 392. 

In order for us to take your payment, you will need your invoice number and your card details. 

Standing order 

Monthly instalments can be set up from your bank account to ours via standing order.

You will need the following details to complete the standing order form at your bank:

  • National Westminster Bank PLC
  • Bank sort code: 62-13-48 
  • Bank account number: 00000000
  • Reference number: please use 22 followed by your invoice number or 11 followed by your housing benefit reference number if you don't have an invoice 
  • Payee: Canterbury City Council head office collection account

Post Office and PayPoint 

If you have a housing benefit overpayment card you can pay at any participating Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

Direct Earnings Attachments 

If we've paid you too much Housing Benefit we may ask your employer to deduct the amount you owe us from your pay. Find out more about Direct Earnings Attachments.