Housing benefit and council tax support

Housing benefit

If you're on a low income or are entitled to a benefit paid by the Department for Work and Pensions and need help paying your rent, you may be able to get housing benefit. You usually can't get housing benefit if you're a full-time student, unless you're disabled or have dependent children.

You must:

  • rent your home or pay rent as a tenant, lodger or boarder in a hostel or bed and breakfast
  • live in the home you're claiming housing benefit for
  • have savings of less than £16,000

Housing benefit is usually only given for the home you live in and pay rent for. There are some circumstances where you may be able to get housing benefit for two homes, including:

  • you've moved into other rented accommodation due to fear of violence
  • you're a large family and have been housed in two properties
  • you've moved to a new home but have to continue paying rent on your old home

If you have a postcode that starts with CT3 3 you need to apply for housing costs through Universal Credit instead, you won't be able to get housing benefit.