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Get financial help

Benefits and grants

Use the GOV.UK benefits calculator to find out what benefits you could get and how to claim them.

You may be able to get certain benefits and support if you're disabled, including tax credits and concessions.

Find out about childcare support and child benefit

Debt and money

Use the Citizens Advice budgeting tool to work out what you're earning and spending.

Get advice on managing your money with the free Money Advice Service set up by the government.

Citizens Advice have free confidential advice on bills, debt and savings.

Heating your home

If you receive a means tested or disability benefit, you may be able to get a grant to help with your heating costs. You'll need to call the Energy Savings Trust on 0800 512 012 and ask about their 'Canterbury Coldbusters' scheme.

They also offer advice on making your home more energy efficient.

Housing costs

If you're worried you may not be able to pay your council tax bill, you must contact our Council tax team for help straight away.

If you're struggling to pay your rent you may qualify for housing benefit.

Get help if you're homeless or at risk of losing your home.

If you're claiming housing benefit or Universal Credit and need more help with housing costs, you may be able to get a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).