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Senior management structure

Our senior management team oversee the day-to-day running of the council. The team meets on a regular basis to discuss council issues and plan and develop council initiatives. They work in partnership with elected councillors to deliver services.

You may like to see salary details for senior management.

Colin Carmichael - Chief Executive

Colin Carmichael

Colin is the Chief Executive. He oversees approximately 500 staff who work for the council and works closely with elected councillors to provide leadership and strategic direction.

Tricia Marshall - Deputy Chief Executive

Tricia Marshall

As Deputy Chief Executive and S151 Officer, Tricia has responsibility for the council’s finances and legal services, ensuring that it has robust financial plans and controls in place to support the delivery of council objectives.

Lisa Fillery - Director of Finance and Procurement

Lisa Fillery

Lisa is Director of Finance and Procurement and responsible for budgets and financial statements, accounting and treasury management, financial systems, procurement and risk management and insurance.

Suzi Wakeham - Director of Community Services

Suzi Wakeham

Suzi is the Director of Community Services, which includes the corporate governance team, housing and community, safer neighbourhoods, engineering and the communications team.

David Ford - Director of Commissioned Services

David Ford

David is responsible for commissioned services. This includes managing external clients such as East Kent Housing, grants for voluntary and community organisations, and development of voluntary and community, culture and sports sectors.