Freedom of Information

Refusing a request

There are some circumstances where we will not be able to provide the information you have requested. This includes:

  • if we do not hold the information
  • if it has been destroyed due to data retention policies
  • if the information requested falls under an exemption of the Freedom of Information Act
  • if the cost of providing the information exceeds £450

Vexatious requests

We won't respond to requests that are deemed to be vexatious, or repeated requests from the same person or group on substantially similar information received within 60 consecutive working days. If a request falls into either of these categories, a written refusal notice will be issued.


We may refuse a request if we estimate that it will cost us more than £450.

Where that limit is exceeded you'll be notified in writing and we will give you the option of either refining your request or paying for it. All payments must be received before we process your request.