Tender and procurement opportunities

How we choose suppliers

All goods and services are purchased in line with local government standards and we publish details of our spending to ensure transparency.

We're committed to a 'green' agenda and will always look to reuse existing supplies where we can.

Our decision making is as fair as possible. We take into account equal opportunities and human rights in all goods and services provided.

We use one of four tendering processes to award a contract:

  • open - everyone who applies is invited to tender
  • restricted -  this limits applicants invited to bid based on the most suitable and capable of delivering 
  • negotiated - where there are a very limited number of suppliers for the product or service, for example with a software package
  • competitive dialogue -  we use ideas that come from the tendering process to help make a decision

In some circumstances, for example after a fire, we may use a fast track process to complete urgent work.