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Your council tax bill explained

Your 2018 council tax bill explained

We'll be sending out your new council tax bill for 2018/19 the week beginning 5 March. It will tell you which band you're in and how much you need to pay from April 2018. If you're signed up to paperless billing you'll get it by email on or shortly after Monday 5 March. 

Your bill will be correct as of 23 February 2018. If you make any final payments, something changes - for example, you move home, or you're awarded any discounts or exemptions after this date, it won't show on your bill. If the amount you pay then changes, we'll send you a revised bill.

Council tax charges 2018/19

Check your bill carefully to make sure you know what you need to pay and that you're getting any discounts or exemptions or council tax support you're entitled to. If you disagree with the amount you need to pay, you may be able to appeal your council tax bill. You must continue to pay your council tax until a decision has been made. 

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Explanation of your bill

The council tax we collect is shown as a 'precept'on your bill, and is collected on behalf of us, Kent County Council, police and fire services and parish councils, to help pay for services you receive

Your bill will show how much each instalment is and how you can pay it. If you pay by direct debit, you don't need to do anything, your amounts will change automatically. If you pay using one of our Allpay cards, this is still valid as long as you haven't moved home.

If you own a property that has been empty for two years or more, an additional 50% charge, known as a premium, will be shown on your bill. 

Your bill may show arrears if you pay in 12 monthly instalments and haven't yet paid February and March amounts, if you paid them after 23 February, or if you haven't paid some or all of your council tax. If you're struggling to pay, you must contact our council tax team as soon as possible. If you don't let us know and continue to not pay, we may take action to recover the outstanding money

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