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Speak at a council meeting

Full Council

Full Council is the governing body of the council and decides the budget and policy framework.

Each year the annual meeting of the Full Council also adopts the constitution of the council, the terms of reference for each committee and appoints councillors and substitutes for each committee.

Request to speak at Full Council

If the correct notification is given a petition or question, supported by 15 people or more, can be presented to a meeting of Full Council by a member of the public. This should be a recorded speech of up to three minutes.

You must register to submit a recorded speech by 5pm two working days before the day of the meeting and tell us the wording of the question or petition. 

We can only allow one petition per meeting seeking the same outcome. We also cannot accept a petition that is the same as one received in the past six months.  

You can provide your own recording or Democratic Services can help with the recording remotely, no special equipment is needed.