Speak at a council meeting

Forum meetings

There are four forums:

The forums have replaced Area Member Panels, which stopped on 19 July 2018. 

At 6.30pm before the start of each meeting, there will be a chance for you to talk informally with councillors. The meeting will follow the published agenda, and approximate timings are given for each item.

You may speak at Forum meetings, just raise your hand to let the chairman know you want to speak.

Add an item to an agenda

If there is an item you would like to add to an agenda you need to email democracy@canterbury.gov.uk at least three weeks before the meeting.

We may not be able to accept every request as we need to consider how many other agenda items there are, and whether a Forum is the best place for it.

The Chairman will be involved in all decisions about agenda items, and we'll let you know whether or not your request has been accepted and reasons for refusal, if applicable.