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Challenge a littering from a vehicle fine

You can challenge a littering from a vehicle fine if you think it's been issued unfairly.

You must challenge it within 28 days from the day you were given the fine. You should include any supporting evidence with your challenge.

Challenges that can be made include:

  • you didn't litter from the vehicle
  • you were not the owner of the vehicle at the time of the offence; for example, because you had sold it on 
  • you hired the vehicle for work and were not the owner
  • we were not authorised to give you a fine; for example, if it was issued 35 days or more after the offence, or if a prosecution has already been brought
  • you're not responsible for paying the fine
  • the fine amount is higher than the law says it should be 
  • any other circumstances that you think should be taken into account

If someone else used your vehicle and littered, it is your responsibility to pay the fine as the vehicle owner.

Challenge a littering from a vehicle fine