Report graffiti

Before you start, check the list below to make sure you report the graffiti to the right person. 

If you see someone doing graffiti you should call 999 to report it as a crime.

Where the graffiti is Who to report it to
BT phone box BT
Post box Royal Mail
Railway land (including bridges) Network Rail
Road signs or street lighting Kent County Council
Broadband equipment BT (openreach) or Virgin Media
Electricity substation UK Power Networks
O2 phone masts O2
Gas equipment Southern Gas Networks or Centrica

If the graffiti is on your home or property we look after - such as play areas or public toilets - report it to us below. There's no charge for the first two hours work on your property or a maximum area of 5m². 

Please note Serco can carry out free graffiti removal up to four times a year for private homes and up to two times a year for businesses.

Report graffiti