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Help with neighbour disputes

If there is a dispute between neighbours we may refer your case to the mediation service to help you solve the problem.

Mediation is a way of dealing with disputes that gives support to both parties, so that an agreement can be made to resolve the problems.

Mediators are professionally trained and experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues. Their role is to support those involved to make their own decisions and come to an agreement everyone is happy with. They don't take sides and can't force anyone to accept demands they don't want to.

Get help with a neighbour dispute

How mediation works

We may refer you to a local mediation service if you need help with:

  • noise problems (including barking dogs)
  • anti-social behaviour
  • support with children
  • boundary disputes
  • parking issues

The mediator allocated to your case will contact both parties and make an appointment to meet you individually to discuss the problem and ways it might be resolved.  

Anything you tell the mediator is private and confidential (with the exception of disclosure and serious abuse) unless agreed otherwise in your meeting.

If a joint meeting is agreed, the mediators will give each person the chance to talk about the problem and how it is affecting them. They will make sure that everyone understands what has been said, allow them to respond and identify any issues that need to be sorted out.

They will then help both parties to come to an agreement and find a solution to the problem. This agreement is not legally binding, but simply acts as a reminder to both parties about what has been agreed between them.

If you don't want to have a joint meeting

Sometimes it is difficult or inappropriate for parties to meet together in the same room.

In this case, a type of mediation called 'shuttle' will be used; where the mediator shares information between everyone involved and an agreement is made without meeting face-to-face.