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We offer licences for the Neptune's Arm mooring site in Herne Bay.

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The cost for buying an annual licence is £64.50 + VAT per metre.

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Terms and conditions for a licence to moor in Neptune's Arm

New moorings available for 2018

We're making improvements to the way we offer and licence Neptune moorings.

The improvements include:

  • formalised arrangements that will generate more efficient use of space, allowing for extra moorings
  • safer and more stable moorings
  • the transfer of the majority of responsibility for maintenance from mooring holders to us 
  • a new maintenance cycle and inspection regime
  • improvements to the design of the whole area

View a draft map of the improved site

The cost for a new mooring is £100 + VAT per metre. If you'd like to join the waiting list, please download a mooring application form.