Parks and open spaces maintenance

Grass cutting and weeds

Serco look after our parks and gardens. This includes grass cutting and weed control in:

  • parks and gardens, children's play areas and sports pitches we own, plus
  • tree, hedge and shrub maintenance, and
  • maintenance of benches and pathways we own

If you need to report a problem with any of these areas, call Serco on 0800 031 9091.

Grass cutting dates

Type of grass When it's cut
Ornamental grass (parks and gardens) Approximately every five working days between March and October
Open spaces and communal gardens in council housing areas Approximately every 10 working days between March and October
Urban grass areas in council owned car parks Approximately every 20 working days
Meadow grass areas (country parks, open spaces) Four times a year
Wildflower grasslands or areas designated as conservation Once a year


Weeds in parks and gardens and East Kent Housing areas are treated by Serco at least three times a year. Public highways are maintained by Kent County Council.