Parks and open spaces maintenance

Shrubs, hedges and trees

Shrub beds

Type of shrub bed When they're tended to
Ornamental shrubs (cemeteries, parks and gardens) Every two weeks
Amenity and herbaceous shrubs (open spaces and communal gardens) 18 times between March and October each year
Urban shrubs (car parks) Nine times between March and October each year


Hedges in parks and gardens are cut in May, July and September each year. Hedges in open spaces and communal gardens are cut in July and September.

If you think a hedge is causing a hazard, please call Serco on 0800 031 9091. They are not responsible for hedges in private gardens.


Occasionally, we need to fell a tree in one of our parks or gardens. The wood is given to The Fifth Trust, a charitable organisation that provides support and training to adults with learning disabilities.

They work with local carpenters to craft the wood into picnic tables, benches and other bespoke items for people to buy. Find out more about our work with The Fifth Trust