Organising a public event

Additional event services

Site cleaning options

You're responsible for making sure that no waste is left behind after your event. You can hire help from Serco for your event, including:

  • Site cleaning hire
  • Hire of litter picking equipment
  • Purchase of litter picking bags

Once you have applied to run your event you can phone Serco to arrange these services on 0800 031 9091


If your event includes live entertainment or you'll be serving alcohol or food then you will need a licence.

For events of less than 500 attendees this would be a Temporary Events Notice, and for larger events you'll need a premises licence if your venue doesn't already have one. 

Road closures

If you think you'll need to close a road or pathway for your event to be safe then you'll need to apply for this once you've submitted your event application with us.

You can find out how to apply for a road closure on the Kent County Council website.