Apply for a concession

A concession is a licence to trade in a public space that we own (not including street trading). It usually covers catering opportunities in parks, gardens and coastal spaces. A licence is normally granted for one year.

Available concessions

Make sure you've read the full details of each concession. It sets out the terms and conditions of what we expect from you and the minimum rent offer.

How to apply

The person who would be named on the concession licence should complete the application.

You'll need the following information ready:

  • a detailed business plan, including a breakdown of projected income and outgoings
  • details (including photos if possible) of any equipment you'll be using
  • any relevant experience and qualifications
  • contact details of two people we can ask for a reference

Applications are open until midday on Friday 8 February 2019. If you have any questions please email

Apply for a concession

You may want to see how we score concession applications.

What happens next

A final decision on all applications will be made in March 2019. If the concession is food related, our Environmental Health team may do a site inspection.

If the concession is awarded to you, there is an admin fee of £150 to pay when you sign the licence, which will start in April 2019. You are also responsible for any extra costs throughout the licence, such as utilities and waste disposal.