The planning application process

After you submit a planning application

Once we receive your planning application we will check that it has been correctly completed and meets the national requirements. If it's correct then we will send you an acknowledgement letter, including a timeline for decisions to be made, and start the formal consultation period.

Planning applications are always publicised. This can involve:

  • publicising your application on a notice next to the site
  • notifying neighbours about your application
  • listing your application on our public access website to allow members of the public to comment

Written comments will be taken into account when we make a decision on your application, as long as they are relevant to the proposal.

You will also have a member of our team assigned as your case officer. They will usually make a site visit and be responsible for assessing your application.

If your application is rejected then you should check the reasons for refusal, as you may be able to resubmit it with changes to improve your chance of success. As a last resort you can make an appeal on your planning application.