Register a new address

How to register a new address

To register a new address you will need to contact us with the details of your new building or street.

After you contact us we'll usually reply within 14 days with further details on the application process and how to pay for your registration.

You can also request historical research, including specific information from past registrations and research about the area to help with naming suggestions.

Contact us about your address registration

Fees for new address registration

Activity Price
New postal address for an individual property £125
Naming of a new block of flats £125
New development of 1 unit £135
New development of 2-10 units £255
New development of 11-50 units £340
New development of 51-100 units £505
New development of 100 or more units £710
Changing a street name £840
New street name £470
Request historical research £130